It’s an innate human desire to search for beauty. We grasp at it desperately in the hard times because it represents goodness and light. We long for it most when we can’t see it at all, but have to be trained to appreciate it when it’s right in front of us.

We all find beauty in different ways. I find my beauty in the rhythm of words and songs, the little moments that shine so brightly, the smiles of the people I care about, and most importantly, I find my beauty in its source– my Father.

Others find their beauty in less conventional ways. They appreciate the beauty in the fulfillment of hard work, the perfect curvature of their partners’ lips, or the feel of silk sliding over skin. They chase the high after a good run and the perfect order of mathematical equations.

Everyone has their beauty, and they all preserve their own little lights. Each one that appreciates beauty is inherently beautiful as well, even if it’s not always recognized. The pursuit of goodness, beauty, and truth ultimately point to the deep perfection that comes in recognizing the good things God has provided us.

He is ultimately where all beauty comes from, and these are the things I think about when I manage to convince myself I’m not beautiful. I am. I always will be. That beauty isn’t defined by others’ opinions, it’s defined His view of me. His view has always been one of upmost admiration.

In my search for beauty, I find beauty in good things. But when I remember where it comes from, I see that beauty is only all around me because of who made it. And the one who’s viewing that beauty is pretty beautiful herself.


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